Nowhere End

I’m the one who killed god… and he’ll be the one to kill me.

chaki kiRRita
8 August
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Welcome to
"The End of The Road to Nowhere"

I'm just an ordinary girl who is trying to grow up to be an independent, strong and mature women (coz am a lil bit bratty). haha what an old song ne?

I love japanese msq, Dir en Grey is my life. I love J-Indies! for me the 'indie' in J-indie, is a music statement! I still listening to vkei sometimes, but not as much as i used to do...

love graphics,

love yaoi-manga~

Actually i'm not really into J-boyband-ish. Coz somehow my ears doesnt really get along well with their Music T^T. But I made an exception for Kamenashi (also KAT-TUN), and Inoo Kei. XD It's a whole karma things, so please spare me... They are just adorable in my eyes. I totally had developed some soft spot for them~

Oh and one more thing!

♥ my shinya ♥


beware for my crazy fangirling over this guy!

+enter your own risk+
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